App Store Optimization Services (ASO)

App Store Optimization Services

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the way toward enhancing the  versatile application, (for example, an iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone application) in an application store, (for example, iTunes for iOS, Google Play for Android, Windows Store for Windows Phone or BlackBerry World for BlackBerry). Much the same as site improvement (SEO) is for sites, application store streamlining is for

versatile applications. In particular, application store advancement incorporates the way toward positioning exceptionally in an application store’s list items and top diagrams rankings. ASO advertisers and versatile showcasing organizations concur that positioning higher in query items and top outlines rankings will drive more downloads for an app.

Application store advancement advertisers, for example, SEO advertisers, work by improving their substance so the web index position it higher on the web index comes about page, driving more movement to this substance. While making their substance accomplish the main position on focused pursuit terms can aggregate their goals, it’s not required to assess the enhancement’s prosperity. ASO advertisers attempt to accomplish objectives, for example,
Being discovered all the more effectively by clients on the application stores, because of the way that App Store Search is the No. 1 hotspot for individuals to find new applications:

  • Rank higher contrasted with contenders
  • Rank higher for particular watchwords
  • Rank higher in Google’s semantic pursuit through significant backlinking
    Make engaging illustrations (symbol, screenshots and promo video) to expand the odds of being downloaded

ASO Procedure :

App Title

Around 84% apps in the app store did not have keywords in their titles. the other hand, only 16% apps used keywords in the app titles. While the app store search algorithm is always changing, some have suggested that keywords in the app title may have more impact on rankings than those entered in the Keywords field.

App Icon

The app icon is the first visual element that people see when they view an app store listing. An icon should immediately convey what an app is about, in the simplest manner possible. Complex icon designs can be difficult to distinguish on smaller devices and should be avoided.


Screenshots are also one of the first visual elements that people see when viewing an app listing. Each screenshot should convey a specific benefit of the app and supplemental text should be used, whenever possible, to clarify what each screenshot is about. All available screenshot slots should be used to maximize visibility. The first 2 screenshots are the most important as they are the ones seen when scrolling through search results.


Both Google Play and iOS App Store permit the use of a short video to highlight the key features of the app.


Translating an app into different languages can greatly increase downloads and expose an app to a larger potential audience. In one study, localization increased the downloads of an iPhone app by 767%.Another study showed that complete localization was able to increase app downloads by 300%.

App Description

The app description has very different roles in ASO, when comparing the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Keywords in the description do not factor into the keywords that Apple associates with the app. However, keywords in the app description of Play Store apps are a primary source of keywords that Google uses to determine what an app is about.

Keyword Selection

Most app publishers make the mistake of selecting keywords that get a lot of searches every month. What they do not realize is that these keywords are also extremely competitive and most apps will not be able to rank for them. Keywords should first be selected by download relevance, or would people actually download an app, if they searched for that keyword? The next criteria is competition.

Does the Chance Score give the app a good chance of ranking in the top 10 for a keyword? Finally, only then should search traffic should be considered. There should be some search traffic for a keyword, but it doesn’t have to be a lot. Ranking well for download relevant keywords is much more important. Finding good keywords usually involves targeting long-tail keywords, like in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).